Amazing Brick Mosaics : Fantastic Projects To Build With Lego Blocks You Already Have

Build awesome paintings brick by brick! Every LEGO loving kid has at least one huge bin of bricks - the sets are built, dismantled, and typically never built again - and this book gives them dozens of ways to reuse them in fun projects that range from easy to challenging. Featuring a simple yet elegant mosaic technique, step-by-step instructions, and full-colour photographs for making 25 cool two-dimensional pictures, Amazing Brick Mosaics offers unique projects that will delight any LEGO enthusiast.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781250163615
Categories Activity Books, BX, Children's Books
Author(s) Amanda Brack
Publisher St Martin's Press
Pages 160
Format Paperback
Dimensions 20.30cm x 1.00cm x 25.40cm
Weight 0.53 kg