All These Things

Simple text and beautiful artwork help toddlers understand God's world and key Bible topics. Does God really see us all the time? Where is God when we are worried? Why is it important to be kind? Using age-appropriate images that ages 0 to 4 are sure to identify with, each book uses a Scripture to inform the story's theme. All These Things teaches children that love is more than hugs. Love is sharing, obeying, kindness, and gratitude.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781433683343
Categories BX, Children's Books, Children's Non-Fiction, Holy, RM3 Deals
Author(s) Poole, Susie
Publisher Broadman & Holman Publishers
Pages 28
Format Boxset
Dimensions 15.7cm x 1.5cm x 15.7cm
Weight 0.27 kg