All-New Inhumans Vol. 2: Skyspears

by: James Asmus
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Crystal and her All-New crew head to China to uncover the truth about the mysterious monoliths known as the Skyspears. But one of them will turn Crys from the group's fearless leader to their most fearsome foe! Good thing there's a Spidey in their midst to help the Inhumans out. But will even the Amazing Spider-Man be enough to help handle a woman who can control the four elements? Where the spider crawls, a Kraven is never far behind - and Anna Kravinoff more than lives up to her family name! She will take the team on a hunt to the wilds of Africa, in search of a hidden Inhuman tribe. But who are these isolationist Inhumans and what is their connection to Flint? Sparks will fly as the answers are revealed! COLLECTING: All-New Inhumans 5-11

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