3D: Mystery Of The Haunted House

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Dare you peek through the 3-D windows? Open the gates, peek through the windows and spy through the doors of a creepy, creaky old mansion - if you feel brave enough! Pop-up layered pages allow the reader to explore the engaging illustrations. It is ideal for ages 6 to 11 (if not afraid of ghosts). Spooky sparkly glitter on the cover enhances children's excitement and enjoyment of the frightening fun. Are you sitting comfortably in a well-lit room? Are your nearest and dearest beside you? If so, steel your nerves and prepare to be led though a chilling churchyard, past gloopy green stuff, a witch, her cat and her bubbling cauldron, and through the iron gates of an ancient house. Approach the window ledge and peer inside at the cobwebs strewn everywhere, at the slimy things, the scuttling things, the clanking things and the floating things. Look through the wooden door into the echoing hall, down the sinister stone corridor, then up the creaking staircase to a curious bedroom with a creepy cupboard. Dare you open it? Be warned: what you will find in the depths of this cupboard, beyond the ranks of cloaks, coats and boots, may be the most monstrous being you have ever seen!
Young readers will love this thrilling tale, and the exciting pop-up 3-D illustrations will take them right into the heart of the house.

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