12 Powers Of A Marketing Leader: How To Succeed By Building Customer And Company Value

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HOW TO SUCCEED AS A MARKETING LEADER IN TODAY'S GLOBAL, DIGITAL WORLD.What makes an effective and successful marketing leader? The authors of this groundbreaking book conducted a worldwide study with profiles of more than 68,000 business leaders--and discovered 12 essential traits that can make or break your success. The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader is the first and only leadership book for marketers based on anything like this level of research evidence.Learn how to:MOBILIZE YOUR BOSS: Make an impact at the highest level and align marketing with the company's priorities.MOBILIZE YOUR COLLEAGUES: Inspire and motivate your colleagues to act on your ideas.MOBILIZE YOUR TEAM: Build and hone a winning marketing team.MOBILIZE YOURSELF: Focus on goals that will benefit your customer, company, and long-term career.Warning: This is not a marketing book. It's a leadership book for marketers, using the latest research on what works--and what doesn't--in marketing's digital age. By zeroing in on the value creation zone ("V-Zone") --the all-important overlap between your company's and customers' needs--you'll be able to help the business win in the market --and achieve your career goals.BONUS: Receive full access to an online self-assessment tool and other marketing leadership resources.

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