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1,001 Home Remedies

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There's no need to run to a doctor for every cut, graze or cold. Long before the age of hi-tech medicine, people healed themselves at home using time-tested techniques, many of which are still valuable today. 1,001 Home Remedies shows you how to treat common ailments and health complaints safely, effectively and cheaply - and at home. From bee stings to bunions, heat rash to hiccups, warts to wrinkles, 1,001 Home Remedies contains safe, easy and effective treatments for more than 120 common ailments and injuries. With trustworthy advice from doctors and health experts, 1,001 Home Remedies contains the very best herbs, foods and household healers to help you feel better fast, without expensive drugs and with fewer side effects. The introductory material includes sensible precautions and notes on growing herbs such as aloe vera, garlic and rosemary and using home remedies. Part One covers more than 120 common conditions and complaints from acne to warts (including angina, back pain, cold sores, diarrhoea, shingles and stress). Part Two is a 50-page section containing '20 Top Household Healers' - describing the healing powers of 20 common products from aloe vera to vinegar (including cod liver oil, lemon and honey, lavender and witch hazel). Useful and entertaining, 1,001 Home Remedies is interspersed with 'Did You Know?' curious and entertaining facts as well as handy check-lists of danger signs to watch out for and advice on when to seek medical help.

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