Zom-B Clans

B's first mission with the Angels --sentient, do-gooder zombies-- went horribly wrong when vicious members of the Ku Klux Klan attacked New Kirkham, a stronghold of precious human survivors. B is not about to let the racist thugs persecute innocent people, but while saving the town, one of B's oldest friends is kidnapped by the Klan. The Angels are prepared to do what it takes to save him, but B will have to make some very hard decisions about loyalties--to old friends, to the Angels, and to new families and old.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780316214292
Categories BX, extraordinary, Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult, WBD
Author(s) Darren Shan
Publisher Little Brown Books
Pages 192
Format Hardback
Dimensions 14.22cm x 2.29cm x 20.57cm
Weight 0.36 kg
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