Wolverine: Return Of Weapon X

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It begins with a series of unsettling dreams, but Wolverine's nightmares soon become reality: the Weapon X Program, the sadistic agency that implanted his Adamantium skeleton, has returned! Accused of killing a US Senator and thrown in prison, Weapon X comes to Wolverine's "rescue" - but what's really going on? Which other faces from Wolverine's past are being targeted for forcible recruitment? And what is the disturbing secret of Weapon X's new director? Plus: Wolverine faces Mr. X, a martial arts master with a fetish for death and an obsession to become "the best there is," battles his dead mentor Ogun, and deals with the threats of Mauvais and the Wendigo!COLLECTING: Wolverine (1988) 159-176, Annual 2000-2001

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