The Winner Stands Alone

by: Paulo Coelho
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About the bookthe winner stands alone is a book that is loosely based on the ascendance of a group of people, that the author calls the superclass. The superclass are an elite, yet extremely small, section of the global population whose actions and behaviour influences the lives of the rest of the world.the story revolves around the worlds of cinema and fashion. It takes place over the course of a single day, and closely follows igor, a russian entrepreneur who will stop at nothing to get his ex-wife, ewa, back. He considers her to be the love of his life. Igor is an individual force of evil, who is willing to destroy the entire world if he can reclaim ewa. His struggle with society as a whole drives the plot and causes moralistic derailment.the winner stands alone is set at the cannes film festival, where the superclass of filmmakers, actors, supermodels and other powerful and beautiful people mix with the has-beens and the hangers-on

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