• The Thankful Smurf

The Thankful Smurf

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In this storybook based on the classic "Smurfs," Dreamy Smurf wanders from the village out of boredom, and realizes that "home is where the heart is." The Wandering Smurf is eager to leave Smurf Village--he's not satisfied with village life and wants to explore the world! Papa Smurf lets him go, but gives him a magic whistle that will instantly transport him home in an emergency. The Wandering Smurf heads off on his adventure and is quickly captured by Gargamel, who uses the magic whistle to travel to Smurf Village so he can capture all of the Smurfs! Thanks to some quick thinking from Papa Smurf, the Smurfs are safe--and the Wandering Smurf no longer takes his home and friends for granted! This 8x8 paperback storybook is based on the classic "Smurfs" and highlights the importance of gratitude.

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