The Sign Of The Rabbit Book 2: Convention On Io

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In Book 2 of Vicky Veloso-Barrera’s The Sign of the Rabbit series, the rabbits of the Sign continue to battle the evil death rats for the fate if mankind.
Convention on Io opens with a team of rabbits from Banaba base heading to the strange Jovian moon Io to meet up with rabbits from all over the world. There they will share information and technology as part of their strategies against the rats.

A quest is also launched to discover the true Sign of the rabbit, an ancient truth that has been forgotten. The rats are also after this sign, as whoever discovers it first holds victory in their paws.

The rabbits from Banaba base, including protagonist Tiny, leader Frosty, scientist Cappuccino and the two black siblings Blackforrest and Blackberry, are joined by a zany cast of new characters. There are the evil rat scientists and mortal enemies Ratmus and Heardrum, the bungling rat scouts Quack and Fiddlestick, the rabbit weather experts Puffball and Daffodil and some other, stranger aliens live on Earth? Can plants talk?

The human family of Manolo Santos, who unknowingly harbor Banaba base beneath their home, are oblivious to the goings on of their seemingly docile pets. But the humans are just as crucial to the story, for without them there is no need for the rabbits of the Sign to exist.

In Book 1: The Black Cloud, the theme can be summed up in a question: What’s the dream? Let’s chase it! Book 2 likewise can be summed up by the question:

What are you searching for?
And if you have decided to search for the true Sign of the Rabbit before the last page of Book 7, then know that every clue matters, everything matters. Everything!

As in Book 1, recipes for the favorite dishes of the characters are included plus its own theme song and accompanying music sheet

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