The Sign Of The Rabbit Book 3: Fibonacci's World

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The Sign of the Rabbit, author Vicky Veloso-Barrera’s adventure series returns with Book 3: Fibonacci’s World. In these books, the rabbits of the Sign battle the evil death rats over the fate of mankind.
Rina Santos and her children are in San Francisco USA while her husband Manolo is in Manila. The lame rabbit scientist Fibonacci copes with loss, aided by his friends Tiny, Greylight and Prim. The quest for the Sign continues, this time the rabbits and rats are joined even by aliens. Meanwhile the rats are making careful plans for a massive battle on several fronts which the rabbits must uncover. They too make preparations for battle, and each side has a host of physical and invisible allies.
In the face if sadness and uncertainty, Fibonacci and others must learn to cope by finding out what brings them joy.
As in Book 1 and 2, Fibonacci’s World contains some of the favorite recipes of the characters and its own unique theme song, which in this case is a counterpoint of the two songs ‘Swallows in the Hollow’ and ‘Free’.

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