• The Sheep Beauty - a Story in English and Chiness (HB)

The Sheep Beauty - A Story In English And Chiness

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Age range 4 to 8The kindness and generosity of those born under the sign of the sheep in the Chinese zodiac is brought to life in this heartwarming tale. Long, long ago, there lived a kind physician. He lived on a mountain in a small Chinese village where he practiced traditional Chinese medicine for all the villagers. On his way home one day, he found an injured sheep, rescued it and brought it home where he nursed the sheep back to life. One evening, after the sheep had been living with the physician for some time, a beast barged into the village, demanding payment of each household in the form of one child. If the villagers refused to hand over their children, the beast would eat everyone! In the blink of an eye, the rescued sheep transforms into a lovely girl, who, with a clever plan, manages to frighten the beast away and keep everyone in the village safe from harm. And so, with one simple act of kindness, and entire village is saved, reminding us that every action, no matter how small, has consequences.

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