The Modern Mamil (Middle Aged Man In Lycra)

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Every weekend, across the nation's rolling countryside, watch out for the Mamils: middle-aged men in lycra' - BBC News 'Mamils make Oxford English Dictionary debut' - Telegraph 'Oh the shame of being married to a MAMIL' - Daily Mail There is a new breed emerging. They hunt in packs, dressed in unforgiving lycra. Their natural habitat is the local espresso bar, where they obsess about power-to-weight ratios and worship the latest high-tech road bikes. Desperate to shave a few milligrams for speed, they will spend thousands on anything made out of carbon - conveniently forgetting about their own waistlines. At night they dream they are Bradley Wiggins or Alberto Contador. They are the Mamils. And they are taking over the world. The Modern MAMIL - a cyclist's A-Z takes a humorous look at cycling and the middle-aged man in lycra.

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