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Tana's Kitchen Secrets

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Widely renowned for being the bedrock of the Ramsay household, and as a busy mother of four, Tana knows how important it is to use what little time you have wisely. Her philosophy for enjoying a relaxed and rewarding life is refreshing: it's important to be healthy, but also to take time to have fun; it's good to get your children to eat their greens, but also to instill in them a lifelong love of good food. Tana Ramsay will be your best friend in the kitchen, especially when time is limited and serenity is in short supply. Tana's fabulous recipes range from Veal with mozzarella and red pepper sauce to Blackberry Ice-cream to international favorites such as Thai Red Curry and Moroccan Fish Tagine. The recipes are accompanied by invaluable tips, such as how to make a breadcrumb coating really crispy, how to stop your pastry sticking when rolling it out, how to cook dried pasta to perfection and how to create the lightest of cakes.Tana Ramsay shares her secrets for creating the very best home food with minimum time and effort.

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