Don't I Know You?Stories

Rose McEwan is a struggling writer who keeps having strange encounters with famous people. In this engrossing, original novel-in-stories, we follow her life from age seventeen, when she takes a summer writing course led by a young John Updike; through her first heartbreak, witnessed by Joni Mitchell; through [her] marriage, divorce, and a canoe trip with Taylor Swift, Leonard Cohen, and Karl Ove Knausgaard. Witty and poignant, Don't I Know You? shows us how fame is just another form of fiction and how, in the end, the daily dramas of an ordinary woman's life can be as captivating and poignant as any luminary tell-all.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781250089809
Categories BX, Contemporary Fiction, extraordinary, Fiction
Author(s) Marni Jackson
Publisher Flatiron Books
Pages 248
Format Paperback
Dimensions 20.4cm x 12.8cm x 1.7cm
Weight 0.22 kg