Survivors : Breaking The Silence On Child Sexual Abuse

A useful and inspiring tool for survivors of child sexual abuse, this book shares the real-life stories of twelve survivors of child sexual abuse, including a chapter on the effects, management and prevention of child sexual abuse The prevalence of child sexual abuse is difficult to determine because it is often not reported, but its effects are undeniably long-term and severe. In this powerful book, twelve survivors share their stories and the steps they took in their journey towards healing by breaking the silence. Their accounts expose the harsh realities of child sexual abuse and explain the pain it causes, while offering hope and encouragement to everyone who has been sexually abused as a child - and those who care about them. Compassionate and sensitively written, Survivors is a useful and inspiring tool for those who have been assaulted. It also equips family, friends and caregivers to help survivors move forward with courage and confidence.

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ISBN 9789814794015
Categories Biographies and Memoirs, BX, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Humanities
Author(s) Eirliani Abdul Rahman
Publisher Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd
Pages 200
Format Paperback
Dimensions 14.0cm x 1.8cm x 21.5cm
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