Sonic Saga Series 6: Mogal Rising

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  • ISBN 9781936975990
  • Categories BX, BXOS, Children's Books, Comics
  • Author(s) Sonic Scribes
  • Publisher Archie Comic Publications, Inc
  • Pages 112
  • Format Paperback
  • Dimensions 16.8cm x 0.0cm x 25.9cm
  • Weight 0.3 kg

product description

Sonic battles the ancient, evil Mammoth Mogul--who has lost his Chaos Emerald and been imprisoned, but backing him into such a corner only made him more dangerous! Mogul uses his remaining powers to summon a new Fearsome Foursome--and Sonic is forced to be one of them! Every mercenary and cut-throat is hired to take Sonic's shoes--feet being optional! It's Sonic versus everyone else while the malicious mammoth laughs from the shadows! How can Sonic overcome all the odds?

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