Settlers Of Catan Puzzle Book

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Inspired by the best-selling board game that has sold over 30 million copies, the Catan Puzzle Book is the perfect gift for fans of the Catan franchise who want to expand beyond the board game experience.

The timeless world of Catan is waiting for you to explore, build, settle... and solve! Inside the Catan Puzzle Book are 100 original puzzles based on the wildly popular board game, providing a narrative adventure that allows you to discover the unsettled island of Catan.

Alongside original artworks from Settlers of Catan, each puzzle contains its own pleasures and solving them allows you to win resources. Resources lead to victory points... and victory points lead to success!

This book includes 10 chapters of puzzles, each containing 10 puzzles set in the Catan world. The puzzles may be solved on their own or as part of a narrative that runs through the book. Each correctly answered puzzle awards the reader resources, which can eventually be converted into achievements and victory points. Upon earning enough victory points, the reader wins the book! 
Catan Puzzle Book is also fantastically illustrated throughout with more than 150 in-world artworks.

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