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Quarto: Zombies, Werewolves, Monsters & Horror Colouring Book

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Color the hair-raising and frightening monsters and other things that go bump in the night in Zombies, Werewolves, Monsters & Horror.

This coloring book will 
delight hardcore horror fans and those fascinated by all creatures of the night. Whether your affinity for horror began with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the stories of H. P. Lovecraft and Stephen King, classic films like Nosferatu and Night of the Living Dead, slasher flicks like Halloween and Scream, or modern thrillers like Get Out and M3GAN―there is something for you to color in Zombies, Werewolves, Monsters & Horror.

Inside, you’ll find 
more than 120 pages to color. Each design features detailed illustrations of monsters from disturbing legends, grim stories, and other terrifying tales―all the things that nightmares are made of.

  • Intricate and chilling line-drawn art to help you make sense of a seemingly senseless world
  • Illustrations of gruesome monsters and terrifying creatures from favorite tales of horror, including flesh eaters, blood suckers, shape shifters, and all manner of things that hide in the closet and lurk under the bed
  • A meditative pattern to color on the back of each page

Just as there is no right or wrong way to use this book, there is no right or wrong way to color. 
You can color these horrifying illustrations however you wish and in whatever way feels right to you. Slasher reds, chilling blues, toxic greens, it’s all up to you! This is about letting go and submersing yourself in this world, so if one coloring template doesn’t leave you shaking in your boots, simply move on to one that does.

One of the great things about coloring is that it’s accessible to anyone, no artistic experience required. Being able to add your own colors helps make the experience more personal, and, 
unlike in those horror films, you have nothing to fear if these drawings aren’t perfect.

So grab a flashlight, crawl under the blankets, and start coloring the masterpiece of your dreams (or nightmares)!

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