Operation Blind Spot

Operation Blind Spot
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Paperback English
By (author) J. P. Cross
After years of jungle service, Jason Rance, a maverick Chinese-speaking British major of Gurkhas has one final chance of qualifying for promotion to lieutenant colonel. During a covert operation on the Thai-Malayan border, Rance meets a Chinese schoolboy friend from jungle-operation days and together they must pit Malaya's orang asli, or indigenous people, against Chin Peng and the Malayan Communists, now hiding in south Thailand, trying to rescue two stranded wartime Gurkhas as they do. Rance is further tasked to command Borneo's Border Scouts during the Borneo Confontation, an undeclared war fought between British, Australian and New Zealand forces and Indonesian troops supported by China and the Soviet Union. Rance and his Gurkhas lead raids over the border into Indonesia and Rance becomes a personal target for the Indonesian military.Operation Blind Spot is the second in a trilogy of books involving Gurkha military units in Southeast Asia that includes Operation Janus and Operation Four Rings and which may be read in any order.

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ISBN 9781912049325
Categories Asian Literature, BX, extraordinary, Fic20, Fiction, Historical Fiction
Author(s) J. P. Cross
Publisher Monsoon Books
Pages 400
Format Paperback
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