In Your Hidden Tears: Finding hope in despair through meaningful Quranic reflections

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Our hearts feel heavy and in despair when we struggle with hardships. We feel sad, uncertain, lonely, and all the emotions that can weigh us down.

Just like trials and hardships are part of our lives, so do emotions are part of our being. When we are being tested, we commonly hear the advice telling us to be patient and to trust on the better days that are yet to come.

But it is easier said than done, especially when things feel too much for us to handle. Is it wrong for us to struggle with acceptance when we are surrounded with these complex and difficult emotions? Should we just be patient?

Through this book, author Imran Zaki takes us on a journey of finding courage and hope with the Quran when we are drowning in the darkness. From the Quran, Allah SWT tells us the best of stories from the prophets and the pious people who were tested with hardships, and sorrows.

May their stories comfort our hearts that even in our hidden tears, Allah will never abandon and leave us on our own.

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