• Commit to Win : How to Harness the Four Elements of Commitment to Reach Your Goals

Commit To Win : How To Harness The Four Elements Of Commitment To Reach Your Goals

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What do you need besides motivation and willpower? In "Commit to Win," Heidi Reeder, PhD, unpacks over forty years of research by psychologists and economists to show that the key to reaching any goal, whether it s to hit the gym more often or to finally quit that dead-end job, isn t motivation, willpower, or determination. It s "commitment." Busting the myths most of us believe about commitment, Reeder shows that it all comes down to four variables: Treasures: the benefits we get from working toward a goal, Troubles: the difficulties we have to deal with, Contributions: the time, money, and effort we invest, andChoices: the number of good alternatives we have.Together, these variables make up a formula that not only measures how committed we are, but also shows which factors we can change to get our commitment level in sync with what we want to do. Packed with practical examples and action plans for a variety of situations, "Commit to Win" will allow readers to stop wishing for things to be different and instead make practical changes that will naturally empower them to reach their goals. It will appeal to readers of "Succeed" and "The Willpower Instinct.

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