• Chronologia: History By The Minute
  • Chronologia: History By The Minute

Chronologia: History By The Minute

by: Norman Ferguson
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At what time was Guy Fawkes discovered underneath the Palace of Westminster with thirty-six barrels of gunpowder? What time of day did Big Ben strike New Year in 1963? When was Captain Bligh ordered off the Bounty? At what time was Einstein's Theory of Relativity proved and when did Titanic sink? All these questions and 400 more are answered in Chronologia: 24 Hours of History, a new book with a unique twist on how history is presented. It's the popular history book where events are arranged not in order of place, theme or date - but by the time of day they took place. Chronologia has 24 chapters, one for each hour of the day, with each chapter including the battles, assassinations, crimes, deaths and disasters, and everything else that makes up our vivid and unique history, all presented by the hour and minute they took place.

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