Cameron And The Girls

"A well-written, taut, and empathetic novel that provides readers with an unnerving vicarious experience."--SLJ Fourteen-year-old Cameron Galloway of Lexington, Washington, understands that he has schizophreniform disorder and needs to take pills to quiet the voices in his head. But he likes the voices, especially the gentle, encouraging voice of The Girl. Conflicted, he turns to his friend Nina Savage, who is clinically depressed and can relate to his horror of the numbing effects of medication. They make a pact to ditch the pills. At first they feel triumphant, but soon Cameron's untreated mind goes haywire--to disastrous effect.

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ISBN 9780544301627
Categories Fiction, Newest Arrivals, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Edward Averett
Publisher Clarion Books
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