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Take your love of bacon to the next level in Bacon 24/Seven with Theresa Gilliam, who guides you through the adventure of curing and smoking your own bacon at home. The distinctive smell of bacon alone is enough to make your mouth water. Then there's the sublime taste: bacon has been scientifically proven to contain unami, the seductive 'fifth taste' that rises beyond sweet, sour, bitter and salty. No wonder so many of us are infatuated with it. Proving that bacon deserves so much more than to stand guard over a plate of scrambled eggs at breakfast, Gilliam offers more than 40 recipes for any time of the day, from dawn through to dark. Enjoy Maple Bacon Twists in the morning, BLT Mac and Cheese for lunch, and Bacon-wrapped Scallops with Papaya Pineapple Glaze for dinner, washed down with a Bacon Manhattan. And don't forget dessert: Apple Pie with Bacon Streusel. With photographs that bring out the salty-sweet smoky crunch of bacon in all its glory, this is a cookbook that will stimulate all of the senses.

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