Apache in European Service

The Apache helicopter is a revolutionary development in the history of war, designed to hunt, take out and destroy its targets, to inflict damage on its enemy and potentially destroy up to 256 targets in less than 5 minutes. Highly maneuverable and heavily armed, the combat-proven Apache helicopter is today the primary attack helicopter for many countries including United States, Royal Netherlands, United Kingdom and Greece, it is feared by many armed forces across the globe and also terror groups in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Flying the Apache into battlefield is extremely dangerous, but with all its weapons, armor and sensor equipment, it is a formidable opponent to almost everything else on the battlefield. It is a deadly combination of strength, agility and fire power, it is the Apache. In this book Darren Willmin explores the immense flying capabilities and the weaponry systems of the Apache from the British, Royal Netherlands and Greeks Army. Amazing illustrations from Darren Willmin's superb photographs capture the fundamentals of the Apache both from the ground and in the air from the British Army Air Corps training ground and at European Airshows. This unique collection will appeal to everyone with an interest in this truly amazing helicopter.

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