50 Instant Ways To Energize!

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This title features 50 quick-fix tips to refresh the mind and enliven the body using natural and safe techniques. It contains vitality foods and drinks, from wholesome superfoods to fresh-fruit shakes and smoothies. It covers quick pick-me-ups, from deep breathing or inhaling an uplifting aroma to taking a cold shower or simply having a good laugh. It includes gentle energy-enhancing exercises such as swimming, t'ai chi and yoga. There are invigorating spa treatments, including foot massage, arousing bath oils, a ginger body scrub or a stimulating and revitalizing massage. There are instant energy fixes ranging from a brisk walk to dancing the night away! We all experience periods of lethargy every now and again, and it can be difficult to find time in our hectic lives to recharge our batteries. Here you will find quick-fix tips to kick-start your system and boost depleted energy reserves without resorting to substances such as caffeine. The book is organized into easily accessible sections so that you can choose from superfoods and vitality drinks, exercises, aromatherapy and massage techniques, and invigorating therapies and spa treatments. Each tip described is designed to help you recharge both body and mind in a safe and natural way. Follow a healthy diet and take regular, gentle exercise to help your body achieve and sustain optimum energy levels. With all the alternative ways to gain energy and feel more lively, there is no excuse for reaching for the coffee or the chocolate to see you through the day!

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