Mein Kampf

Mein Kampf- Adolf Hitler Complete and Unabridged. Mein Kampf or my struggle is an autobiography of the world's best known dictator, Adolf Hitler, that outlines his political ideology and his plans for Germany. Dictating the book to Hess, while he was in prison for 'so called' political crimes, the book is considered a blue-print for Hitler's political and military campaign and his strategy for rebuilding Germany and conquering Europe. Edited by his deputy Rudolf Hess, the book consists of two volumes: one published in 1925 and the others in 1926. Often called the Nazi Bible, Hitler describes his life, frustrations, ideals and dreams. The book is written by a leader, who was the reason for both world wars and who pursuednhis hatred for Jews by committing genocide in what came to be known as the Holocust. Not a book in the usual sense, reading it is like listening to Hitler to get a glimpse into his life.

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