Predatory Thinking PREDATORY THINKING by Dave Trott

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Anyone who has struggled with the demands of a creative life–or one unfortunately peppered with more problems than most–will get a kick out of this new book on our shelves. Predatory Thinking is the result of a lifetime of experience from Trott, a copywriter and creative director involved in many memorable ad campaigns, former Chairman of The Gate London, and recipient of the 2004 D&AD President’s Award for lifetime achievement in advertising. You don’t live your lifetime on the cutting edge of creativity without amassing incredible insights, presented here for all creative minds to mull over and turn into actual practice.

At the heart of the book is the idea that even the most unsurmountable problems can be outrun or outthought, and changed into problems you can solve. All these paths and examples are presented through stories and anecdotes instead of raw lessons to be memorised. The result is a leanly-edited collection of true tales from history and design, encompassing Eastern and Western philosophies, and a wide range of characters from wartime fighter pilots to modern artists and powerful economists.

Trott’s simple, uncluttered and incisive writing will get your gears turning in a whole new way–or even just a slightly different way. But that change can be enough to overcome creative challenges, outwit and outlast your competition, and enrich your mind for life. Check it out at BookXcess now, and take a big bite out of your obstacles!