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6 Things to Know about BookXcess

September’s been a whirlwind month, even here at BookXcess. It’s possible that some of the really cool stuff we’ve got happening right now might have passed you by, but that’s OK; here’s a recap of all the things you need to check out right now in our stores:

1. Our new look in Amcorp Mall

We’ve spruced up our store in Amcorp Mall, the place where we first began offering Malaysians books at ridiculously low prices. It’s gotten a lot friendlier and a whole lot cooler inside with work from local illustrators on our walls! Come see all that amazing art in person and soak in our new ambience – and let us know where your favourite spot is inside by taking pictures and tagging us online with the hashtag #myhappyspot.


2. Jom #GEMBIRA promo – Buy 5 Free 1 (Retail Exclusive)

There are always plenty of reasons to smile at BookXcess, and now we’re giving you plenty more: Buy 5 books and get 1 free when you come shopping at our retail stores from now to 31 October! (The promo applies to all and any BookXcess books, and you get your lowest-priced book free.)


3. Extra value with #MYCYBERSALE (28 Sept – 2 Oct)

BookXcess Online is proud (and excited) to be a part of #MYCYBERSALE, Malaysia’s biggest online sale gathering all the best deals from local e-tailers. We’re offering extra discounts on 29 selected titles…but there’s more!

Sign up as a new customer with BookXcess Online before 28 September, and you get an exclusive 15% off coupon code to use during #MYCYBERSALE.  Don’t miss out on your extra savings – they’ll only last for five days!

4. New arrivals on BookXcess Online

We’re always looking for new books to offer our fans and customers, wherever they might be! Tuesdays and Fridays are new arrival days on BookXcess Online. Keep an eye out for shiny new titles twice a week!


5. 5 word book reviews

Book reviews are great to gauge whether that hot new title is right for you. But the less time you spend reading reviews, the more time you get to spend reading actual books – and the more time you get to read books, the more #GEMBIRA we think you’ll be! That’s why we’ve introduced our shortest, snappiest recommendations yet. Check out our 5 word book reviews and decide if a title’s for you in just seconds!


You’ll find our latest review videos on Facebook and Instagram. Watch out for more!

6. New book highlights

Ready for a happy bookshelf? We’ve got plenty of suggestions, but try these out first:

1A Sudden Light by Garth Stein

RRP: RM94.50
BookXcess: RM17.90

shop online

 The troubled, haunted Riddell family confronts long-suppressed secrets as they strive for a measure of redemption and love.


Seriously…I’m Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres

RRP: RM86.40
BookXcess: RM17.90

shop online

The bubbly comedienne shares more of her humour, wit and wisdom.


I Can Make You Happy by Paul McKenna

RRP: RM90.30
BookXcess: RM19.90

shop online

The key to immediate, measurable happiness may just lie in one man’s psychological techniques and exercises.


Jamie’s Italy by Jamie Oliver

RRP: RM122.50
BookXcess: RM39.90

Travel with the chef and feed your stomach, your eyes and your soul with the charm of Italy, her cuisine and her people.


Animal Party Pack from Miles Kelly

RRP: RM220
BookXcess: RM39.90

This school holidays, make learning fun with this collection of eight fascinating books for young children and assorted animal masks for playing pretend!

Look out for more exciting reasons to be #GEMBIRA at BookXcess, and more new titles and highlights in our stores. We’ll see you at Amcorp Mall and fahrenheit88!


The King of Horror – Stephen King Highlights

There’s no bigger name in horror than Stephen King himself. Known for thrilling psychological horror (mostly set in small Maine towns), his tales are sure to send shivers up your spine…or at least keep you reading into the wee hours. Ready to face your darkest fears on the page? These titles are good places to start:


RRP: RM104.90
BookXcess: RM17.90

shop online

After Charles Jacobs’ wife and child are killed in a gruesome accident, the former preacher denounces religion and begins pursuing darker forces. Jamie Morton, whose drug addiction was ‘cured’ by Jacob’s unorthodox treatments, is caught up in his plotting and discovers the Secret Electricity behind his gruesome final experiment to connect with the world of the dead. But what awaits both of them will be beyond all faith or comprehension…

 Doctor Sleep

RRP: RM104.90
BookXcess: RM17.90

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Set 36 years after King’s classic The Shining, the book follows the journey of Dan (Danny) Torrance, trying to drown his traumatic childhood experiences in alcohol. In New Hampshire, he finds purpose easing the suffering of a local retirement home’s dying inmates. But he’s not the only one with special powers; young psychic Abra is being targeted of the True Knot, who have maintained their immortality in the most grisly ways. Dan must act fast to save her and take down the Knot once and for all.


Under The Dome

RRP: RM63.95
BookXcess: RM17.90

The town of Chester’s Mill is abruptly (and gruesomely) cut off from the surrounding world by an invisible semipermeable barrier. Political power struggles and gruesome plots ensue as former Army Captain Dale Barbara and his associates race to find out what’s powering the Dome…and what put it there.


RRP: RM35.90
BookXcess: RM17.90

shop online

The last novel King released under his Richard Bachman pseudonym, Thinner relates the tale of Billy Halleck, who is cursed when he kills a woman and escapes the charges. After the woman’s father strokes his cheek and whispers one word, “Thinner”, Halleck starts rapidly losing weight to the point of emaciation. If he wants to break the curse he’ll have to find the old man and the Rroma band he belongs to, and even then there may be a high price left to pay.


RRP: RM38.45
BookXcess: RM17.90

shop online

King’s fourth novel and his first to be published involves is a troubled, sheltered young girl living with her unstable mother and bullied by her peers. When unexpected joy turns into unparalleled humiliation, Carrie’s budding psychic powers explode outward with deadly results. Raw and terrifying, Carrie takes a young girl’s coming of age to new extremes.

9781476754451_mrmercedesMr. Mercedes

RRP: RM104.90
BookXcess: RM17.90

shop online

Bill Hodges is a retired police detective, fed up with life until he receives a letter signed by a “Mr. Mercedes”: a man who claims to have been responsible for an unsolved case where a car ploughed into a crowd and killed eight people. Hodges begins his own investigation into the mysterious killer, but can he track them down before they strike again with deadlier results? One of King’s rare crime novels, Mr. Mercedes will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The Green Mile

RRP: RM53.90
BookXcess: RM17.90

shop online

It is the year 1932. Paul Edgecombe is block supervisor on Cold Mountain Penitentiary’s death row, nicknamed The Green Mile. When 6-foot-8 black inmate John Coffey joins the prisoners, Edgecombe finds him unusually shy and sensitive for a purported child murderer. And when Coffey reveals he has healing powers, the incidents that follow change the lives of all around him for better and for worse.

9781444753660_fulldarkFull Dark No Stars

RRP: RM34.90
BookXcess: RM17.90

shop online

If you’re in the mood for the taste of revenge, settle in for this collection of four novellas dealing with retribution, from unsolved murders to rebalancing the scales of fortune. Full Dark, No Stars won the 2010 Bram Stoker Award for Best Collection and was also nominated for the 2011 British Fantasy Award.


RRP: RM32.90
BookXcess: RM17.90

shop online

The Trenton family have recently moved to Castle Rock from New York, with both parents strained by work and romantic tensions. When their neighbour’s dog Cujo contracts rabies and Donna Trenton’s car breaks down in their yard, it’s only the beginning of the nightmare for her and her son, four-year-old Tad. Trapped in their vehicle and baking under the sun, Donna must choose whether to attempt escape or face the rabid hound head-on.

These titles and many more are waiting for you on BookXcess shelves! And if you’re ready for a Stephen King binge (we won’t judge, we promise), there’s no better time to start! For every 5 books you buy, you get one FREE with our Jom Gembira promo! The promo ends October 31st, and applies to any BookXcess book from any genre. (The lowest-priced book in your purchase will go free).

Visit our stores at Amcorp Mall and fahrenheit88 today, or shop online with us at

Staff Picks: Outrunning the Wolves – Predatory Thinking

Predatory Thinking PREDATORY THINKING by Dave Trott

RRP: RM35.90
BookXcess: RM17.90

shop online

Anyone who has struggled with the demands of a creative life–or one unfortunately peppered with more problems than most–will get a kick out of this new book on our shelves. Predatory Thinking is the result of a lifetime of experience from Trott, a copywriter and creative director involved in many memorable ad campaigns, former Chairman of The Gate London, and recipient of the 2004 D&AD President’s Award for lifetime achievement in advertising. You don’t live your lifetime on the cutting edge of creativity without amassing incredible insights, presented here for all creative minds to mull over and turn into actual practice.

At the heart of the book is the idea that even the most unsurmountable problems can be outrun or outthought, and changed into problems you can solve. All these paths and examples are presented through stories and anecdotes instead of raw lessons to be memorised. The result is a leanly-edited collection of true tales from history and design, encompassing Eastern and Western philosophies, and a wide range of characters from wartime fighter pilots to modern artists and powerful economists.

Trott’s simple, uncluttered and incisive writing will get your gears turning in a whole new way–or even just a slightly different way. But that change can be enough to overcome creative challenges, outwit and outlast your competition, and enrich your mind for life. Check it out at BookXcess now, and take a big bite out of your obstacles!

Sheer(an) Delight: Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey

414kXx6TzzLED SHEERAN: A VISUAL JOURNEY by Ed Sheeran and Phillip Butah

RRP: RM35.90
BookXcess: RM17.90

English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has captivated international audiences, both with his raw voice and lyrics that sound innocuous but end up delivering a sucker-punch to the gut. While he is adamant that at the age of 24 (23 when the book was published), he is too young and too private a person for an autobiography, Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey is a well-crafted retrospective of his musical career, accompanied with illustrations from Butah, a friend of his from childhood who also produces the artwork for Sheeran’s albums and singles.

416iCMQaBpLThe book presents Sheeran’s own account of his life, spanning early childhood experiences (including the time a family friend bought an Eminem album for a nine-year-old Ed), the music that influenced his own artistic journey, his start busking, recording and touring, and the eventual release of his second album, x. He also writes about the forces that drive him to create, how he strives to constantly evolve, and coping with success in the music industry.

51wGEutBVhL 51cjL50dFfL

The straightforward prose, paired with Butah’s evocative illustrations, provides a fascinating journey through the life of this bright young star. With almost 100 photos and illustrations, this book is a must-have collectible and visual treasury for all his fans!

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