Every great entrepreneur can gain wisdom from a few well-selected books. Here are the top 8 titles for the tycoon in you, straight from BookXcess shelves:

TOP DOG by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman
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For over a decade, students, employees, corporations and nations have heard the same call: we must all be more competitive. But nobody had a true understanding how to begin…until now. Top Dog exposes the hidden factors behind all kinds of wins and losses, from Olympic-level sport to national-level exams, from flight training to ballroom dancing. Branson and Merryman explore the psychology of rankings, the neuroscience of mistakes, and the genes of fearlessness. This book is a must for those eager to sharpen their competitive edge and understand what drives us forward to be the best at our game.

ENCHANTMENT by Guy Kawasaki
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In this book, Kawasaki proposes a powerful, valuable new idea to capture hearts and minds. Enchantment is not about manipulation; it transforms situations and relationships, and can be more powerful than plain persuasion, influence or marketing techniques. The goal is to enlist other people’s hopes and desires, thereby changing their hearts, minds and actions. Deemed one of the best titles on interpersonal relationships since How to Win Friends and Influence People, Enchantment will capture your attention – and show you how to capture your customers’ attention too.

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Iconic entrepreneur Richard Branson gives readers the honest, no-mess and no-fuss look at his life in business. With invaluable advice, insights and candid stories about the successes and setbacks he’s experienced with Virgin businesses, this book will be invaluable to businesspeople of all stripes.

THE INNOVATORS by Walter Isaacson 
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After his stunning biography of Steve Jobs, Isaacson now turns his eye to the visionaries whose work resulted in the Internet and the modern face of personal computing. This history of the digital revolution profiles such great minds as 18th century programming pioneer Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, Bill Gates, Tim Berners-Lee and Larry Page. Each page delves into the workings of their mind, their inventive solutions and how they succeeded where others might have failed. For those who seek to foster innovation, creativity and cooperation, The Innovators shows just how they can all happen.

GANDHI CEO by Alan Axelrod
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What management lessons can be learned from one of India’s most famous leaders and non-violent revolutionary? Plenty, as it turns out. Axelrod lays out 14 principles for success based on Gandhi’s own personal leadership and management skills. Fluid and conversational, this book combines solid lessons along with quotes and vivid examples from Gandhi’s life. A must for those seeking to learn from the greatest minds in history.

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Tony Hsieh achieved material and entrepreneurial success at an early age – yet still felt unfulfilled. When he became an investor in Zappos, he began to make the changes that would lead to the online retailer earning USD 1 billion annually in gross merchandise sales – without sacrificing the happiness, well-being or motivation of their employees. Here he chronicles the actions he took, including insights and lessons on the importance of corporate culture, higher purpose and inner passions, and how they all lead to happier, more productive people, companies and communities – while still turning a profit. Budding entrepreneurs and large companies alike will find much to take away from this amazing book that has sold over 600,000 copies since 2010.

TODAY MATTERS by John C. Maxwell
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We tend to overlook our todays in favour of fretting over what has passed and worrying over what might be, when the true keys to success lie in the here and now. This solid, uplifting book will prove revolutionary for those eager for success, clarity and more fulfilling lives. Within these pages, Maxwell offers his daily dozen: 12 decisions and disciplines that anyone can master and learn to achieve greater success in concrete key areas.

THE 3RD ALTERNATIVE by Stephen R. Covey
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Stephen Covey, bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, now turns his formidable insight to conflict resolution and problem solving. This book introduces a breakthrough approach that transcends traditional approaches by forging a path toward a third option: one that allows both parties to emerge from even the fiercest debate in a far better place than imagined. This book reveals a new, mutually beneficial way of thinking that negotiators and leaders alike will truly appreciate.

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