dr-sleepDoctor Sleep by Stephen King
(Goodreads Choice Award 2013)

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Behind the smoke-wreathed, spooky red-and-white cover of this book lies the next chapter in one of Stephen King’s most famous tales of horror. 36 years after The Shining, where cabin fever and the supernatural collide with disastrous effects, its sequel DOCTOR SLEEP by Stephen King finally springs to life.

The book follows Dan (Danny) Torrance, now an adult and still haunted by the events of The Shining. Pursued by the angry ghosts of the Overlook Hotel, he wanders from place to place, angry and fuelled by alcohol as his father Jack was. This changes when he arrives in a small New Hampshire town, where he sheds his addiction to drink and begins to help ease the suffering of a local retirement home’s dying inmates. He encounters Abra, a girl connected to his past with an especially strong psychic “shining” abilities. She becomes the target of the True Knot: a band of travelling semi-immortals who have survived through the ages by consuming “steam”, psychic energy released by children with the shining as they are tortured to death. Dan must work fast to save her, and untie the Knot for good.

Partially inspired by the abilities of Oscar, a therapy cat allegedly able to predict the deaths of terminally ill patients, Doctor Sleep is a potent addition to any horror buff’s bookshelf, whether they’re new to Stephen King or long-time devotees of his work. King manages to weave a masterful tale that stands very well on its own and provides a satisfying conclusion to Danny Torrance’s story. It’s now available on our shelves at Amcorp Mall and fahrenheit88!